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Meet the Fungi

Mushrooms have long been an unsung hero which have significantly impacted humans throughout our history. Whether the mushroom's purpose has been to poison enemies, heal loved ones, enhance intimate experiences, bring us closer to the spiritual world, or elevate our taste buds, mushroom's deserve a folk-lore reputation in the modern era and we are ready to give it to them! Each Mythical Mushroom is created with elaborate artwork, passion and a unique narrative in which the scientific and mythical elements of story-telling collide.


Assassin mushrooms contain damaging or even lethal properties that can attack the intestines, liver, kidneys, or even the brain. Through trial and error (RIP ancient foragers) humans have been able to identify which mushroom species are toxic, potentially fatal, and thus should be avoided at all costs (unless unleashed in more sinister hands). It is rumored that many historical figures such as Roman Emperor Claudius and Emperor Charles the VI were intentionally poisoned by being fed the death cap mushroom.


Out of all the mushroom species in the world, the most commonly used among us are the Chefs. Only approximately 4% of all mushrooms contain the tasty umami flavors, leaving all other edible mushrooms as either tasteless or poor tasting. Chef mushrooms can exhibit delicious hints of savory, brothy, rich, decadent, and fresh flavors and have been used since ancient times to enhance our culinary experiences.


Lovers are the rarest categories of mushrooms and are said to contain aphrodisiac properties. Specific lovers such as Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga have long been known and used to enhance energy levels and libido throughout human history. While a mysterious mushroom from Hawaii that resembles the Veiled Lady is rumored to induce spontaneous climaxes in women when sniffed!

Super Heroes

Our ancestors have utilized mushrooms for medicinal purposes for as long as we have had recorded history. The famously discovered Ötzi, the Ice Man, who lived over 5000 years ago was found to be carrying amadou and a birch polypore in a tethered sack to help him survive the harsh conditions of the northern Italian Alps. Native Americans utilized puffball mushrooms (Calvatia genus) as medicinal agents to heal wounds. Even the Greek physician Hippocrates, who lived nearly 2500 years ago identified the amadou mushroom (Fomes fomentarius) as a potent anti-inflammatory and functional in cauterizing wounds. Although mushrooms have long been used by various ancient cultures, modern science has only recently begun rediscovering what our ancient ancestors have long known- mushrooms can harness significant reservoirs of healing power.


Wizards possess the magical ingredient Psilocybin which has transcended human consciousness for thousands of generations. Some even go as far as considering magic mushrooms as a key ingredient into the evolution of the human brain (Stoned ape theory). Regardless, humans across several ancient cultures (i.e., Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans, and several others) have utilized magic mushrooms for religious, spiritual, and initiation purposes.

June - December 2022 Roadmap

  • Release Core Set Of Mythical Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Patch Store Goes Live With Rarity Specific Discount Codes
  • Mushroom Foraging Challenges
  • Theta Con Meet The Team
  • Rewards For MM Holders Present At Theta Con (Rewards Vary By Rarity)


Meet and hang out with us at ThetaCon 2022!


Barrizan is the combination of creativity and logic between a husband and wife. The name originated from combining Nana and Dr. K’s surnames together.


The artist, creative inspiration, and face behind the Mythical Mushrooms. Nana was born and raised in Cuba where her natural artistic abilities became apparent in everything she touched. She has made a career out of creating traditional canvas and oil paintings, watercolors, digital art, and she can even make a canvas out of finger nails for the ladies!

Dr. K

The pragmatic and behind the scenes half of Barrizan. Dr. K, Psy.D. is a Clinical and Sport Psychologist who understands how important the values of hard work, team work, and positivity are in creating a successful project. Dr. K has a special passion for mushrooms and wants to help spread the positivity they can bring into this world.
Dr. K


A student, investor, supporter and builder in the crypto space since 2013 0xdavin is passionate about advancing NFTs through new and interesting use cases. On any given day you can find him building out cool ideas for the Mythical Mushroom team and others in the space. Find him on twitter, DMs always open:

Denton aka Theta Teacher

Longtime crypto and theta enthusiast who thrives on bringing practical new uses for NFTs to the masses. Avid follower of famed mycologist and author Paul Stamets - Fantasic Fungi. Proud member to the Church of Entheogenic Plants, Psychonaut and believer of the stoned ape hypothesis.


Crackerjack Mountain Guide from Montavera. Brother Guru’s longtime friend. Appreciator of mountain flowers and herbs. Mythical mushroom forager. Creator of handcraft natural remedies and ceremonial instruments. A Mystic Guru with wisdom to share: The real secret of magic is that the world is made of words, and that if you know the words that the world is made of you can make of it whatever you wish. - Terence McKenna
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